Friday, August 31, 2012

Spanish Salt Lake Flamingos - Vintage Lens DSLR Video

Sorry about the lack of posting on my blog recently, I have been fairly busy with filming projects. I promise to start posting at least a few times a week from now on, maybe until I start getting into exam season at college. For the last two weeks, I have been in Spain on holiday. I managed to get a few videos filmed, and I recently uploaded to YouTube the first one. I went to the famous La Marina salt lake nature reserve near Santa Pola and Alicante and filmed some pink flamingos in the water. The area is very enclosed, so the only way to see the flamingos was within the bird hides, which ended up being quite far away from the actual birds. So I picked out of my camera bag my longest lens, which was my Chinon 200mm f/3.5 prime lens, M42 mount with the M42 to EOS adapter so it can connect to my Canon 600D DSLR. The first shot within this video is my favourite, I will be using this as part of my wildlife cinematography portfolio for university.

For behind the scenes photos and photography that I did during my holiday, please visit my facebook page and like to keep updated with my filming and photography.

Other things that I filmed whilst in Spain include a new GoPro HD Hero video shot on the Alenda golf course that I stay at. I found a way to attach the GoPro underneath the roof of the golf buggy, which turned out to be a cool point of view angle. This video will be released next week on my YouTube channel, so don't forget to subscribe. Photos of the GoPro on the golf buggy are also on my facebook page.