Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jaws Steven Spielberg - 'The Inside Story'

I've just watched this 10 part behind the scenes look documentary on Steven Spielberg's blockbuster film 'Jaws'. I found it very interesting, and I did learn a lot from watching it, which I why I have decided to share it on the blog. The documentary focuses on Bruce 'the shark that didn't work', the troubles that the whole crew had whilst filming out in the Atlantic Ocean and much more including a full insight into the production of the film by Spielberg himself. I thought it was amazing that Spielberg was only 27 years old when he directed this film, and it was his second film after 'Duel (1971)' which had a similar style of suspense to what Jaws had. The documentary also states how the mechanical shark not working was a good thing in the long run, because Spielberg was able to use his style of suspense used in 'Duel', which was along the lines of what we don't see, is more scary. This is definitely worth a watch, even if you just watch part 1 you will probably learn something interesting.

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