Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Popabrella - Mini Camera Umbrella

I was doing the usual Internet browsing when I came across an image of a man taking a picture with his DSLR camera, the weird thing was that he had a mini umbrella protecting it from the rain. I did some research and found out that this mini umbrella is an actual branded product called 'Popabrella' and they are designed to fit cameras. They come with a bracket which fits to any standard tripod, or the bracket can screw onto the bottom of the camera. I thought this would be a cheap way of weatherproofing my DSLR, however it isn't. The price for this tiny umbrella is around £20, it would be wiser to buy a £2 umbrella from eBay.

As cool as this product looks, I highly doubt I will be getting one, I am sure I can find something more useful for £20 such as a video light or spare battery for my camera.

You can view some of the people selling this item here.

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