Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top 12 YouTube - Independent Filmmakers

It has taken around two years for me to discover some really useful filmmaking channels on YouTube, and I thought, 'why not share the discoveries on blogger so others have no need to find the channels on their own?'. In this blog post I am going to share with you my top ten favourite YouTuber's that specialise in independent filmmaking tips. Please note how my top 10 list is in no particular ranking order, each channel is better than the other in different ways.

Dave Dugdale from 'learningdslrvideo.com' has a great channel for the filmmaker with money or with little money. He does some great DSLR video comparisons, product reviews and even some DIY accessory builds every now and then. Dave has a really nice style to his videos, they are very simple yet informative for the viewers, and this why his channel is in my top 10 list.

Alan Besedin is in my top 10 list because he taught me how to use vintage lenses on my modern Canon DSLR. His channel is very informative, with lots of lens test videos, product reviews and a regular lens giveaway contest for his viewers which usually involve just subscribing to enter. He also has a blog which is ran alongside the YouTube channel, so I recommend reading what he has to say as well at 'budgetfilmmaker'.

3. Knoptop -

Dave Knop, AKA 'Knoptop', has a very fun YouTube show called 'QuickFX' and also one called 'Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know', with both web shows giving lots of information about micro budget filmmaking. Dave also does DIY camera rig builds to help you save money instead of buying factory made rigs. He also does product reviews and tests on his show 'Tech Talk'.

4. filmriot -

Probably the most fun bunch of YouTubers on YouTube, 'Ryan', 'Bruno', 'Josh', their family and friends all work together to create popular web shows such as 'Film State', and shows with great DIY tips and tricks for the low budget filmmaker. As well as showing their viewers tips and tricks, they always produce fantastic test films to show off their skills, with their popular release 'Losses' which proved how working with a low budget isn't always a problem. I highly recomend checking these guys out, they are a great laugh to watch and have some very informative videos about every aspect of filmmaking.

Indy Mogul is probably one of the channels I have been watching for the longest on YouTube. Erik Becks popular DIY show 'Backyard FX' is what got me watching, and current shows such as 'Movie Quest', 'Awesome Directors Project' and 'Indy News' are what have kept me as a loyal subscriber. In my eyes, Indy Mogul are the 'kings' of 'indy' filmmaking on YouTube, I would just like to see them along with their hosts 'Griffin', and 'Russel and Chad' producing more of their own films, but I suppose they are too busy producing the web shows.

Luke Neumann has to be the best YouTuber for creating a 'blockbuster' look and feel from using mainly digital SLR's. Luke is currently in the post production stage for his newest short film, 'Copelandia' which is being fully shot on the 'Canon 5D Mk III' DSLR. They are doing no post colour grading, so hopefully this will show the full potentials for using a DSLR for filmmaking.

Scott Eggleston from 'The Frugal Filmmaker' is the best YouTuber to listen to his audience, to find out what they want to watch. Scott probably has the best audience on YouTube for his specific area of videos, which are DIY camera rigs and low priced accessories. His audience are what inspires his ideas, and he also set up a Facebook group as a discussion place for his audience to discuss project ideas and to ask questions to one and another. If you don't subscribe to Scott, I highly recommend joining the Facebook group, it is free so you can't really go wrong there. On his channel, he produces a 'Weekly Recap' show where he answers his viewers questions, and also he produces very popular DIY build videos.

DeeJay Scharton probably isn't the best choice for a low budget filmmaker, however he does review and test some higher priced accessories such as the popular 'CPM Camera rigs' and always writes interesting blog posts at 'DSLR Film Noob'. DeeJay also caters for the low budget filmmaker though, he produces his own camera products, including the 'NOOB Shock Mount Adapter' which he sells for a very low price.

9. polcan99 -

For tutorials, 'Tom Antos' is my favourite YouTuber. He has done some fantastic tutorials on the filmmaking areas of 'Documentary' with tips on what gear to use, 'lighting techniques' and also some 'cinematography composition techniques'. Whenever Tom creates a film, he will always film the right and wrong, he then uses the footage for tutorial videos to display how to do it right.

10. MrCheesyCam -

Emm from 'Cheesy Cam' is more of a blogger, with the YouTube channel being an addition for his popular filmmaking blog. As well as producing his own videos for YouTube, product reviews and tests, he is very good at finding great filmmaking products at low prices on the internet. The occasional DIY build is shown on his channel.

Devin Graham is probably the most inspirational filmmaker on YouTube, in the world in fact (My Opinion). He is able to film almost anything and make it look awesome. His video as 'worlds largest rope swing' is how I came across Graham on YouTube, and since then he has produced hit videos such as 'trike drifting', and 'Paintball Warefare'. I also recommend heading over to facebook and liking Devins page.

12. finitefilms -

Finite Films are a very unique bunch of filmmakers, they take constrains from their viewers, and produce short films using these constraints. Some of my favourite constrains so far have been that the film 'must be in the style of a 40's noir' and in another film that 'one character must be eating every time he/she is on screen. The short films are always very interesting to watch, and range from around 10-20 minutes in length. The short film 'Imperfect' was how I came across the channel. A short film is uploaded around once a month, along with weekly production diaries with great behind the scenes footage. 

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  1. Great roundup, I'll check them out!

    1. Thank you, I hope you find some new YouTubers that you enjoy

  2. Looks like it's all white guys. I hope at least some of them aren't Americans!

    1. Three of them arent Americans, the rest are all Americans :)

  3. Great round up, you mentioned most of the people I follow too! Thank you for mentioning me as well :)

  4. Yep agree Devin is the most inspirational. Also does Lindsey Stirling's videos.

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  6. Where is Casey Neistat?

  7. Where is Casey Neistat?