Friday, July 20, 2012

Indy Mogul Live - TDKR, Cinemas & Cameras

Indy Mogul had a very interesting live chat video yesterday. The video stars the two main hosts of Indy Mogul at the moment, Griffin Hammond and Russel Hasenauer, along with Golden Pigeon Productions presenter Jacob Junbao. Discussions within this live video include TDKR (The Dark Knight Rises). Also Jacob Junbao works in a UK cinema, he shares some of the specifications of how films are projected nowadays compared to the past when film was shown on film, unlike the digital ways now. The live show also gives Indy Mogul viewers the opportunity to have their questions answered, and one of my questions was answered very well in this episode. I asked how I could edit two different frame rates together in one video project, for example 60fps with my GoPro and 24fps with my Canon 600D, and the reply was that I could edit both together with no issues. So thanks to Indy Mogul for answering that for me, I do really appreciate it.

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