Friday, July 20, 2012

Epic Slow Motion Video - Sony FS700 - Neumann Films

Neumann Films latest project is a slow motion video shot on a rented camera, the Sony FS700. They had the camera for four days, and they definitely made the most of it. The 240fps (frames per second) mode was used for the most of this video, and this allowed the video to be slowed down in post production, without the addition of motion blur. The video looks like a high budget blockbuster film, and when you hear the budget you will be blown away. I think the camera rental cost around $500, and the budget for the rest was something around $300. Within this budget they even managed to get hold of a helicopter for some aerial cinematography, which isn't actually shown in this video; I am assuming an aerial cinematography video will be released on Neumann Films soon. The lenses used include Nikkor Ai-s 20mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.2, along with the Canon 100-400mm with 2X Extender. From what I have read, because this camera is more like a camcorder, is cannot achieve the depth of field that DSLRs get, so that is why they used the longer lenses for the shallow depth of field within this video.

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