Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zoom H1, Rode Videomic Pro & Rode Lapel Microphone Wind Tests

Carl from YouTube recently uploaded a video testing three different microphones in windy conditions, with and without the wind muffs for each microphone. He firstly tests the Zoom H1 portable audio recorder plugged into his DSLR camera, with the wind muff on. At certain parts in the test recordings the sound is very clear, however at other points the wind muff doesn't filter out the wind and the dialogue becomes over empowered by the wind noises. Secondly the Rode Videomic Pro is tested, once again plugged straight into the external audio input on the DSLR. From listening to the two tests, with and without the wind muff, I couldn't really hear any difference in audio quality. When the wind muff was on the microphone, the wind noises sounded just the same as it did without the wind muff, so maybe not the best microphone for exterior use like this. Lastly a Rode lapel microphone is tested, and in my opinion sounded the best out of all of the microphones in the video. It may not have the best audio recording quality, but the amount of wind that the lapel microphone filtered out was very good, with and without the wind muff in fact. The lapel microphone was most likely filtering out the wind the best due to it being held closer to the body, however this is the advantage of using a lapel microphone, and is why professional journalists usually use them.


  1. How did you attach the H1 to your camera?

    1. This isn't actually my video, but I am assuming he used (and I also used with my tascam dr-07 mk11) one of these -,r:10,s:0,i:104