Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vespa & Lambretta Scooter Rally - Event Video & Photography

Last Sunday, 22nd April 2012, I went to the St Georges Day Scooter ride out event organised by the Cambridge Scooter Club. I had never been to an event like this, it was a great opurtunity to take a closer look at the old Vespa and Lambretta scooters. In total there were 220 scooters that took part in the rally around the Cambridge town centre. The event was to raise money for the scooter club and to also raise money for charity with a grand total of £1500. The weather wasn't great, however between the showers of rain and hail stones, the sun managed to stay out for the major parts of the event, such as the actual ride out. The event was held at the Cambridge City Football Club, where everyone was able to view the scooters and have a look around the various sale stands. Companies such as Adaptor Clothing, East Anglia Scooters and Stainless Scooter Products had sale stands at the event.

I wouldn't have gone without my camera, so I did capture some great photographs and video from the event. I captured every single scooter leaving the football ground, the Haverhill Circles Scooter Club arriving at the event, and a few scooters which captured my attention. I have uploaded two separate videos for the event, one for the ride out and one for the shots of the scooters that I liked. They can be viewed in my 'Events' playlist on my YouTube channel which I have embedded below.

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