Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Movie Location Scouting - Does it need more credit?

As an independent filmmaker I do all of my own location scouting, I believe I am quite good at finding locations with an aesthetically pleasing look to them, and this is the case for my up and coming short film. I just watched a CBS News video on the internet and it looks deeper into the job role of location scouting, and has made me think about it more. As stated in the video, location scouters hardly get the credit they deserve for what they do for a film and I highly believe that they should get more attention from the press and media. Shown in the video are locations from films such as 'The Godfather' with the 'Corleone' families house which was before filming an average house. I definitely recommend checking the news segment on Location Scouting, within the video they interview location scouter Nick Carr and he gives an insight into his everyday job. From watching this video I have now considered wanting to work as a location scouter to begin with, and then hopefully work my way up to become a cinematographer. I will do some new posts soon sharing my location finds for my newest short film.

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