Sunday, April 8, 2012

Paddy Considine & Shane Meadows - Short Films

Shane Meadows award winning director of 'This is England' and 'Dead Man's Shoes' and British actor Paddy Considine have worked together quite a lot, and years ago produced a series of zero budget short films for the fun of it. I think they are a fine example of independent short films and the fact that they were directed and acted by well known people is even better. The films are all really simple, with no real narrative which is why I really enjoyed them. They have all inspired me to make some really simple short films, and to stop procrastinating about making films. They all show off Paddy Considines great acting and the variety of characters that he can pull off well.

My favourite film in the series is the sixth short film 'Three Tears for Jimmy Prophet' which is a mockumentary style short which follows Jimmy's story about a fight he had in the boxing ring. We hear his regrets for what happened all those years ago. It's a very comic short film, with some simple yet effective cinematography. Another thing I liked about it was the soundtrack, I am not too sure but it sounds like 'Gavin Clarke' who produced the soundtrack for 'Shane Meadows' film 'Somers Town'. You can view 'Jimmy Prophet' below or click here for the full list of shorts.

Currently 'Meadows' is one of my biggest inspirations for filmmaking, his films have been some of my favourite British releases and I really like the style that his films have. I am currently planning a short film which has been inspired by 'This is England', with the 'Skinhead / Mod' style, and it would be great for 'Meadows' to see it when it is done.

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