Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Location Scouting for a 'Shane Meadows' inspired short film

We went out today to do a little bit of location scouting for our up and coming 'Shane Meadows' inspired short film. I have watched films such as 'This is England', 'Somers Town', and 'Dead Man's Shoes' all directed by 'Meadows' and the style of the cinematography is something I got a lot of inspiration from for our own short film. The song I used in this video is by 'Gavin Clark and Ted Barnes' and is used in the opening of 'Somers Town' which has similar shots used in my location scouting video shown below. Static wide shots of someone walking is used quite often in 'Meadows' films and this is something I want to incorporate into the short film. So far I have no real idea of the narrative for the short film, all I know is that I want it to be really simple, with minimal acting and dialogue and cinematography. I have people who are willing to help out and act for the film, who can also provide all of their own costumes and props; which are going to be 'skinhead and mod' style clothing such as Doc Marten shoes and Harrington jackets. There is even going to be a 'Vespa' scooter involved and I really want to do a cinematic tracking shot from the back of a car as the scooter goes down the road shown in the image for the first shot in the short film. I will be posting with updates whenever there is anything interesting enough to write about throughout the whole production process of the short film.

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