Sunday, April 15, 2012

Graffitiger - Short Film - Graffiti Animations - Libor Pixa

I've been meaning to share this short film for a while now, it was another film that I viewed at the 'Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival' in France a few months ago. This short film is called 'Graffitiger', graffiti and tiger put together. The title pretty much gives the protagonist of the short away, as the film follows a tiger that has been painted as graffiti on the streets of Czechoslovakia, as he tries and find a companion in life. We see the tiger struggle as humans do their every day jobs which get in his way of his journey. Animation is something I am not that into, as I always like to enjoy physical cinematography, however the actual locations used have been physically shot, so the tiger has been animated onto video. There are even comic moments which will actually make you 'laugh out loud'. I recommend watching this short film, it has a lovely soundtrack which helps emphasize the mute tigers thoughts and feelings throughout.

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  1. First seen on PBS' ImageMakers. This film is a wonder. I absolutely LOVE it!