Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic ITV1 Television Series - Wilhelm Scream?

Yesterday I watched the last episode in the four part Titanic series which was produced for the 100 year anniversary for the sinking of the real ship. The television series follows characters in every class, steerage, second, first class and even the workers on board the ship. Each episode the story back tracks to the grand voyage of the ship, and we see different characters points of views. Two of my favourite characters in this series are the 'Sandrini' brothers, two Italians who are staying in steerage. One of the brothers works in the heart of the ship in the boiler room, and the other works as a first class waiter in one of the ships restaurants. There is plenty of romance on different levels and some parts with slight humour to them. I watched the newly released Titanic 3D a week back, and a lot of the happenings in this series are very similar to what happens in the film, which I found quite odd as what the characters actually did were fictionally produced for the film.

The animations weren't very good, however I wasn't expecting too much for an ITV television series. The ice berg looked very unrealistic, and was way out of proportion to the ship and the distance away from the ship. When the lookout says 'ice burg ahead', the tiny animated burg looks about 10 metres away. The wonderful exterior establishing shots of the ship within the film aren't as good in the series, the ship it self looks animated, unlike in the film.

One of the things which did make me laugh, was in the very last episode when you get to see the ship sink (sorry for the spoiler, but what did you expect?). The sound effect which is known as the 'Wilhelm Scream' was added as a character is shown falling from the top of the sinking ship. I did some research and found out that the scream was used in the original film when Jack and Rose run into the boiler room when they are being chased.

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