Saturday, July 21, 2012

Top 4 - YouTube Pranksters - Ed, Jack Vale, Tom Mabe, Greg Benson

I really enjoy watching 'hidden camera' and 'prank' style videos on YouTube, I decided to write this blog post sharing four of my favourite 'YouTube Pranksters'. I am going to list the four in no particular order, they are all as good as each other in different ways.

1. Jack Vale -

Jack Vale, owner of Jack Vale Films has to be on of the most awkward person to watch on YouTube, his hidden camera videos are sometimes very hard to watch. Jack makes no end of different prank videos, with the majority of them in various shops around America, where he pranks the shop assistants. He sometimes uses a little gadget called 'The Pooter' which allows him to imitate realistic fart sounds. My favourite series of videos that Jack creates is called 'I'm Married', in which he awkwardly tells people that he is married, implying that they are hitting on him. Overall the videos are a great laugh, and at the end of his videos you usually see him showing his victims (the public) where the hidden camera is located.

2. Ed Bassmaster -

Ed Bassmaster is one of my favourite YouTubers for playing different characters in each video. I could name no end of series that Ed creates that are good, some of my favourite series and characters of his include 'Look at it' where he tells people to just look at things, 'Hacker' a hippy style character who smokes too much, 'Skippy' a slightly simple character, and probably my top on the list, 'Bluetooth Man', where he stands near people and asks a question, and then tells them he is talking on his bluetooth (Its funnier than it sounds).

3. Tom Mabe -

Tom Mabe from YouTube channel 'MabeInAmerica' is the third person in my top four list. Tom used to have his own television show where he would do good old pranks, and now he does them for his popular YouTube channel. Tom is a good laugh to watch, and the more you watch of him the funnier he gets. My favourite video of his is called 'Prison Break Prank'.

4. Greg Benson

Greg Benson of 'Mediocre Films' is the fourth youtuber in my top 4 prankster list. Greg hasn't made a prank video for a few months now, but when he does they are hilarious. One of my favourite videos of his is called 'Cell Phone Crashing' where he goes up to someone else having a phone call, and pretends he is talking to them.The video can be viewed below.

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  1. You gotta check out RomanAtwoods Sketch Empire, they should be on the list too! ;)

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  3. Remi Gaillard is a good prank channel too!