Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tom Hanks Cast Away In Real Life - The Robson Experience

A filmmaker from my home town has recently become the next YouTube sensation with his video series 'IRL' (In Real Life), which features him going around Cambridge re-enacting scenes from his favourite films. His recent video 'Batman In Real Life' became a hit over night, with the channel gaining thousands of subscribers in a few days. Local newspapers even picked up on this and he had coverage on front pages.

Robson recently uploaded his newest skit, this time 'Cast Away' IRL. He plays Tom Hanks' character and acts the waking up on the island scene and the raft in the sea scene. With the island being a 'roundabout island' for cars in Cambridge, and the river as the sea. Cast Away is one of my favourite films, so this IRL episode is definitely my favourite at the moment.

The Batman IRL episode can be found below. It is nearly on 1 million views, so share as much as you can to help it get to that view count.


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