Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Documentary Filmmaking Tips - Rule of Thirds, Natural Sounds & B-Roll

Griffin Hammond from 'Indy Mogul' on YouTube has recently shared some great tips on documentary filmmaking in his weekly 'Indy News' webshow. He begins with how the interviewee should always look off camera, to make it look like they are being 'quoted' more than making them look like presenters looking into the camera. He also gives some interesting composition tips for filming the interview. Including the correct angles to use, and how to use the 'Rule of Thirds' correctly. There are also some very useful editing tips, to make the edit look smoother and to make the continuity flow better. This includes shooting 'b-roll' or 'cutaway' shots that you can show during the documentary. Another tip is recording 'natural sound' so that you can use it as a sound bridge throughout the edits.

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