Sunday, May 13, 2012

$6 Fisheye Lens - Knoptop Quick FX - Micro Budget Filmmaking

Dave Knop from 'Quick FX' has just shared his latest 'DIY Quick FX' build for low budget filmmaking. In the video he shares with us how to make a fisheye lens for a point and shoot camera for only $6, using a door lens viewer, and a PVC piece. Most likely prices will vary, however it will always be a quick and cheap build. The final effect doesn't look that amazing, I would never use it seriously for filming. However I think it would be a perfect in camera effect for shooting a point of view for a monster in a film. Fisheye lenses are very expensive, another alternative would be the wide angle filters which screw onto an existing lens, you just need to find the diameter of your lens to get the right size.

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