Friday, April 6, 2012

iPhone 4S Short Film - 'Operation' - Film Riot

A recent short film upload by 'Film Riot' caught my attention, the film was shot entirely on the iPhone 4S video camera. The short has the usual 'Film Riot' humour with a funny twist which contrasts with the serious start to the film, the name of the short sort of gives the twist away though as I know 'Film Riot' too well to expect something serious. The audio was really good, and overall you would expect this to have been shot on a camcorder or DSLR camera if you didn't know any better. However if your like me, you'll know how there was more to this than just the iPhone video camera, and the recent making of video to this short confirmed this. Firstly Ryan wasn't actually filming with the standard iPhone video camera, he used a $5 app which allowed everything such as frame rate, resolution, white balance and focus to be manual. Secondly he was using a LED lighting kit worth well over $1000, and a handheld rig which cost $170. Lastly they weren't using the on board audio from the iPhone, an expensive portable audio recorder was used. Now I'm not  against this video, I think it's great and very well done, I just don't think the normal low budget filmmaker would be able to achieve the same output to what 'Film Riot' got. Something I know is how sound is 90% of video, so the perfect sound which was recorded is what makes the short film seem good for an iPhone video. Another point I have is that the LED lights were most likely given to them for review and promotional purposes, and the same with the handheld rig.

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