Friday, April 6, 2012

5D Mark III Short Film - 'Copelandia' - Three Tremors

This short film really is evidence to what a low budget and small crew can produce in a short time. The whole thing was filmed on the new Canon 5D Mark III and there was no post colour correction done, so what you see was straight out of the camera, and it looks pretty good in my opinion. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but from what I had seen for this short film and all of the pre production stuff, this definitely wasn't what I was expecting. Luke had made a fantastic narrative for this short film, and apparently is a very personal story for him. The cinematography is really good, and the locations that were used helped bring the depth of field into the shots with the mountain ranges in the background which almost look like paintings. The costumes were realistic, apart from the moustaches, however if you watch you'll find out why. The soundtrack was also produced by Luke by his second company, 'One Production Music', and I think it worked well with accompanying the cinematography. If you get a chance, definitely watch the production diaries for this short film, starting from pre production day 1.

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