Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools - The YouTube Collection

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I thought I should share or 'warn' you about YouTube's big April fools prank today. It comes in the form of 'The YouTube Collection' which apparently allows you to buy every video on YouTube from different categories on a DVD, Video-cassette, Laser disc or on a betamax tape so you can view YouTube without the internet.

Now if your really gullible like me, you would probably fall for this if you hadn't realised it was April fools day. It wasn't until I had decided to order every DVD available, chose the shipping option, and format that I realised I had been pranked massively. I was told that to order everything it would be '527,457' discs with a cost of '$2,632,010' and a delivery and handling charge of '$59,302'. I think it's safe to say, I was April fooled.

It's all good fun, I like it when YouTube have a laugh like this, just makes the whole experience of using the website so much better.

Oh and a note, this isn't the video you see before you actually go to order the items, this is a longer version which is found on 'YouTubes' channel.


  1. Saw this one and I liked it. Not sure if I like the idea of getting huge boxes of DVD's each week. Just think of how much space that will take up.

    I also like the Google videos....I blogged about them earlier today....

    1. Yes the boxes of DVDs would be a problem to store :)
      I read your blog as well, very interesting