Saturday, March 31, 2012

Westhavenbrook Productions - The Danger Element - Independent Web Series

This isn't really a review, mainly a suggestion to what to watch on YouTube. One of my favourite web series on YouTube is 'The Danger Element' by Westhavenbrook Productions. The series has everything a web series needs, action, laughter and a fantastic narrative which makes you want to watch the next episode. The series protagonist, 'Battlejitni', is a member of a secret order of crime fighters, and is on a mission to re-establish the stolen 'danger element' which has the power to bring the life of his father back.

The directors of this web series are currently uploading an episode every month, and will be doing this until the end of 2012. My favourite episode so far has to be episode one, it has one of the best car chase scenes I have ever seen within an independent production, there are also many tutorials on how they managed to capture such elegant shots.

Below is the full playlist of episodes which are available to watch on YouTube -

Why not support the cause and help future productions by donating on 'ChipIn' towards 'The Danger Element'. Donate $10 or more and get a free poster, how cool is that?

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