Friday, March 30, 2012

Replica Inception Totem - Dream or Reality?


I found out yesterday how you can purchase a cheap replica of the spinning top totem that 'Cobb' uses in the film 'Inception'. I purchased from an eBay seller named TomTop_UK and was charged £3.05 including postage. With the deal you also receive the red dice which is also a totem in the film used by 'Arthur'.

So will this thing actually work for me? Will I be able to use it to tell if I am dreaming or in reality? Well I doubt it, but it's a cool piece of film memorabilia to have.

I was inspired by the video below to try and replicate the extreme close-up of the top spinning in the film. I will definitely share the video once I have it done -

Click here to purchase the spinning top from eBay seller TomTop_UK

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