Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Super 8mm Ektachrome Short Film Update

If you have been reading my blog you will know that I received a Canon Autozoom 318M Super 8mm camera for Christmas last year. I also received one cartridge of Kodak Ektachrome 100D film stock, which will last me around 3 minutes. I really want to use that 3 minutes wisely  and I decided just filming random shots around my home town of Cambridge would just be wasting the cartridge. I really want to use it on a short film that involves some sort of planning and pre production before I start shooting footage.

I have always been a fan of skateboard edits, specially the 'old-skool' style of edits which have been shot on Super 8mm film. I really like the style that the Super 8mm camera gives to the visuals, making them look far more interesting than what any of my digital cameras would be able to shoot without colour correction in post production. Basically I want to make a short film under 3 minutes about skateboarding in my home town of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. I came up with idea on the bus journey home from college yesterday, when I saw two skateboarders riding along the pavement from the railway station entrance.

I want the film to show various skateboarders from around Cambridge. Locations that I have in mind include the various skateparks in Cambridge, including the fairly new Jesus Green concrete skatepark, Parkside/Donkey Common Skatepark and the Orchard Park concrete skatepark. Shooting at the various skateparks will showcase different skateboarders and talents. I also want the film to show off the wonderful city centre and back streets of Cambridge city centre.

At the moment I am thinking I will just ask skateboarders at each skatepark if I can film them, and I'm sure they will be willing to be caught on film. I suppose if you are reading this and you are a skateboarder in the Cambridge area, and would like to take part in my newest short film, please contact me on my facebook page by clicking here.

If you would like to help out with funding for this short film, please donate what you can through PayPal. I will need to buy more film cartridges to shoot with, with the discontinuation of Kodak Ektachrome 100D, Super 8 stock has become expensive. Also the process of paying a lab to digitally process the film stock will cost me quite a lot of money. Click here to donate through PayPal.

Below I have embedded a Super 8mm skate edit by Safari Clothing, filmed with Minolta and Canon Super 8mm cameras.

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  1. sounds like fun...just trying to get into video myself...