Monday, October 29, 2012

Attach your GoPro to a tripod: Freeze Pro Shop - GoPro Tripod Mount

I just got a tripod mount for my GoPro HD Hero camera from 'Freeze Pro Shop', I was extremely happy with the fast delivery time and the overall customer service, I highly recommend purchasing GoPro accessories from this company if you live in the United Kingdom. I got two GoPro mounts, the one I am going to share in this post is the GoPro Tripod Mount. The GoPro camera has an odd mounting system, only official products will attach to the camera. Unlike a normal digital camera, the GoPro doesn't have a standard tripod mounting system. The GoPro tripod mount adds this standard tripod mount to the bottom of the camera, allowing you to attach to a tripod, or any accessory with a standard tripod bolt. You may have a suction mount or bike mount which has the standard tripod mount, now you can use these mounts with your GoPro camera. The photograph to the right shows my GoPro camera attached to a mini flexible tripod. With this simple set-up, I can leave the camera filming or taking time lapse photographs in various locations, where the camera without the tripod mount would have just fallen over. 

This is the product that you will receive for £8.99. It includes the standard tripod mounting hole, along with the official GoPro mount to attach your camera to it.

Here is the mount attached to my GoPro HD Hero camera. As you can see it is very simple to attach. All you need is one GoPro bolt which is included with the camera.

To see the full range of GoPro accessories and mounts at the Freeze Pro Shop, click here.
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