Thursday, May 10, 2012

Micro Budget Filmmaking - £18.90 Portable Digital Audio Recorder

Portable audio recorders such as the Zoom H1 do sell for great prices, however if you're on a micro budget there are even cheaper options. The 2GB Digital Voice Recorder from eBay sells for under £20 and has some fantastic features. It has the options to monitor audio externally with headphones, record audio externally with microphones to improve audio quality and 2GB of internal storage space for up to 580 hours of audio recordings. It records in .mp3 and also supports .wma, .wmv and .asf audio formats. It can also be used as an .mp3 music player like an iPod. In my opinion this audio recorder is definitely worth a try, you really can't go wrong with the low price. Click here to view more low budget 'Audio Recording' posts on this blog. Click here to view more low budget audio recorders on eBay if the widget below has expired.

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