Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Last Bus / Posledný autobus - Divadlo Frizúr Free Soundtrack Download

The soundtrack to a short film that I saw at the Clermont Ferrand Court Metrage, 'The Last Bus / Posledný autobus', is being given away as a free download, along with other tracks in the album. I don't know how long this is for, so I recommend downloading it now before the offer goes. The track 'Idem Si' was the one in the short film, and probably my favourite in the whole album. You can purchase each track separately for one euro, or download the whole album for free. The artist is Slovakian, so don't expect to understand the lyrics. From English translation on the short film, apparently 'Idem Si' means 'I'ma going'. Click here to download the album for free.

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