Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top 10 ways to get more views on YouTube

This is a question that is always asked, and there are no right or wrong answers to it. In this post I am going to be sharing my top 10 ways to get noticed on YouTube and get more views on your videos. Please note how these methods and tips have worked for me, I am not guaranteeing that they will all be beneficial to everyone.

1. Stay active -

Now this is one that many new YouTube users overlook from the word go. If you don't stay active on YouTube, people won't
be able to find your channel and videos. Find videos with a similar style or category to yours, comment on what you thought about the video. This leaves a free link from that video to your channel. Comment on 10 different videos, and that's 10 free links that people can click to go to your channel. When commenting don't comment with things like, 'first', it's just annoying any no one finds it funny. Make sure you comment saying what you liked about the video, and maybe mention subtly that you make similar videos. Someone will see this comment and go to your channel to watch your videos that are similar.

2. Enhance views -

Enhance views is a view enhancing website, it is not directly connected with YouTube. It is free to sign up and to create an account. You then earn credits from leaving your browser open whilst random YouTube videos play. You can then redeem those credits for real subscribers, comments, likes and views. When you redeem for views, your video is placed in the random video viewer and that is how you gain views and others gain credits. Basically the more people that use this website, the more views you can earn.

3. Forums -

Most forums allow you to embed a YouTube video alongside a written post. You can share your video in a new thread, or you answer someone's thread with your video embedded into the answer. However make sure you are not spamming the forums, and make sure the forum is correct for your type of video. To do this, simply search in Google, 'YOUR TOPIC forum' and you will get many results. An example is when I want to post a video to a filmmaking forum, I would search, 'filmmaking forum' to find the correct one. I then found a forum called 'DVXUser' and posted a thread showing my cinematography showreel, and asking for peoples opinions. As you can see from the thread, people watched my video and replied with feedback, this got me views.

4. View Tube Train -

This is another third party view increaser, and there is nothing wrong with using this website. You simply add your videos URL link, and then watch other peoples videos to earn credits. Then automatically your video will be added to the random video player, and real people will be watching your video to earn themselves credits. It is free to use, and definitely worth a try.

5. Social networking sites -

You are all most likely members of at least one social networking website, such as Twitter or Facebook. Why not share your videos to your friends or followers to view? Tweeting your video can help get it noticed on YouTube, other Twitter users can retweet your video if they like it, and that could start a chain reaction of people retweeting your video, thus getting it many views. Most people have around 500 friends on Facebook, the majority of which would play a video if seen on their timeline or news-feed.

6. YouTube video responses -

This tip will get you a lot of exposure on your videos. The video response feature on YouTube is very handy when it comes to getting views. Basically find a video similar to yours which has a lot of views, and then add a video response to this video. If the original uploader accepts the response, they should as the video has a similar topic or style, your video will appear underneath their video and anyone who watches the video will see your video and click to watch it.

An example of this is within my own channel, as you can see on my most popular video which has almost 30,000 views, I have placed two video responses of my own videos, and they now both have over 3000 views each. The videos which were added as a response are both filmed on the same camera, so anyone wanting to watch more of the same camera may be interested in watching the video responses.

7. FunnyJunk -

FunnyJunk probably has one of the best features on the web for embedding a YouTube video to. The website is free to sign up to, and takes no longer than 1 minute. Straight after signing up, with no email needed, you can upload your YouTube video link. Your video has now been embedded to FunnyJunk and can now be viewed externally from YouTube, with all the views directly going to your YouTube account. At the time of writing this post, there was a YouTube video on the top rated content on FunnyJunk, and 43,000 people had viewed the video from FunnyJunk.

8. Empire Avenue -

Empire Avenue is a free online stock market social website, which I am sure many of you have never heard of. It is actually amazing for getting subscribers and views on your videos. The whole website is about investing shares in other users, and receiving them back with the electronic currency of 'eaves'. You can then spend these 'eaves' on something called 'missions'. The mission can be something like this, 'subscribe to my YouTube for 1000 eaves', and every time someone subscribes, that person will automatically receive 1000 eaves from you. You can easily make subscribers from doing this.

9. Reddit -

This is the easiest and quickest tip in my list. Simply upload your video link to 'Reddit' and people can click on it which will take them to YouTube to view your video. Currently there are over one billion hits on the website.

10. YouTube bulletin/ feed posts -

This is probably something the majority of YouTube users do, and is posting a bulletin to your feed for your subscribers to view. Now if you have 1000 subscribers, and you write a bulletin post, that will be 1000 users that will see that post with a link to watch your video. If you are in the newest YouTube layout, go to the 'feed' tab in your 'channel' and write in the box that says 'post to feed'.

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  1. Great post, will need to look into this a bit more. Not getting a lot of views on my YT

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips! Really enjoyed reading your post. I will check whether your advice works for me! Thanks a lot anyway =)

    1. I'm glad you thought the tips were good, please visit my blog in the future to say whether the tips worked for you

  3. Very informative post on increasing your youtube views. This is tom from
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