Friday, April 6, 2012

For Sale: Lensse MidX Camera Stabiliser - £39.99

I am trying to save up some extra money to purchase a half decent microphone for my DSLR, so I have decided I am going to be selling off some of my unused camera gear. I was going to put things on eBay, but I wasn't too happy with the charges for putting the items up. The first item I have for sale is the 'Lensse MidX Camera Stabiliser'. I got this item around a year ago, and haven't found a use for it, so I decided I would rather have the money from selling it than having it sit around doing nothing. The stabiliser will take most consumer camcorders and smaller DSLRs like the 550D or 600D, however to be on the safe side it will take cameras with the weight of 0.25-0.9kg (0.55-2 lbs). The balance weights which are on the bottom of the stabiliser are included, you get 6 bigger weights and 3 small weights to help balance the stabiliser with different cameras. If anyone wants to purchase this, please say in the comments below, and we can figure something out through PayPal. I am asking for £39.99 with £3.99 postage, this is still £30 cheaper than the ones being sold on eBay. The item is practically brand new, I think I tried using it once when I got the item. It never came with any packaging, so I will be posting it in a jiffy bag or similar packaging. You could find more information about this stabiliser on the Lensse website. Please comment if you have any questions, I will be very happy to answer any the best I can. Also please note I will be sending this item anywhere in England for £3.99, other postage charges can be applied if anyone from Europe want to purchase. The camcorder shown in the image was for demonstration purposes only, it is not included within the price.

Below is a official Lensse video from Vimeo which shows the stabiliser being set up, and then being used.