Friday, April 20, 2012

Contribute to ''Goatman'' on Indiegogo - The Book Of Horror Short Film Series

I have just contributed to the Indiegogo campaign for the brand new short film 'Goatman' which is a 'Kim L Andersen' film for 'The Book Of Horror' short film series. The reason I contributed to the campaign on Indiegogo was because I have seen the first short film in the series, 'The Headless Lover', a comedy horror inspired by 'Creepshow'. The campaign has been set up to raise funds of $15,000 or more, and within two days from campaign launch, has reached almost £1000 in funds. Goatman is also going to be a comedy horror short, and this is the storyline -

''Lasse is 14 years old. He lives in a small town, where everything seems normal and idyllic. But he is living in hell. He is being bullied on an everyday basis. One day a run down circus comes to town. It’s main attraction is a freakshow featuring Goatman, part human - part animal.

Lasse sees how Goatman is being treated and helps him escape. Both outcasts, they become friends. Lasse wants revenge - and Goatman is the one friend Lasse needs, to get what he wants. But he has to pay with his soul. So, the question is, how bad does he want it?''

You can watch campaign video below which stars most of the production crew members and gives a better insight into what they want the campaign funding for. You can also like 'The Book Of Horror' on facebook for regular production updates.


  1. Great video, would love to see a trailer for your new film.

    1. It isn't actually my short film, I am just promoting someone elses short film. The trailer for the first film in this series can be found on Vimeo

  2. You can actually, get the whole first film Headless Lover, if you sign up the newsletter on :)